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Payment & Security

Open and honest
All accommodations on Supertrips have been personally selected and verified by us. By maintaining an open and personal relationship with our accommodation hosts we can offer high quality and unique lodgings.

Contacting the host
Every host has added contact information to his or her accommodation page. You can always contact the host of any accommodation to ask questions or for more information through the Supertrips.com website.

Payment & Cancellation
Supertrips only pays the accommodation at the moment you’re checking in. Until that time your money is securely on hold at Supertrips. In case of cancellation you will be refunded your payment in accordance with the applicable cancellation conditions by Supertrips. You do not have to contact the host of the accommodation for this refund.

Supertrips goes through great lengths to ensure that your privacy is respected and we handle your personal information with care. Placing a reservation on an accommodation and the payment go through an encrypted and secure SSL connection.

All credit card payments are processed by Stripe. The information will be encrypted and sent through a secure connection (SSL). Stripe has a PCI Level 1 certificate that guarantees their security.

All prices on Supertrips can be viewed in different currencies. At this moment you can view Euros, British Pounds and American Dollars. The amount due is always in the currency set by the accommodation host. The exchange rate to different currencies is based on approximation via https://openexchangerates.org/. The final exchange rate will take place when the credit card company processes the payment. The rate can therefore deviate slightly from the prices on the website. You can find more information on the exact exchange rates on the website of your credit card company.

Refund after cancellation
If you cancel a booked accommodation you will receive a refund according to the applicable cancellation conditions within 14 days.