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UrbanCampsite Amsterdam

Netherlands - Amsterdam

€ 85
Price per room per night
Annette van Driel
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From June 1st until August 31th on the very edge of IJburg a campsite appears… UrbanCampsite. Every year this Campsite pops up on a different location in Amsterdam. What makes this campsite so special is the fact you don’t spend the night in a tent but in a piece of art. An installation.

The campsite:

From June 1st until August 31th a campsite will appear on the very edge of IJburg. UrbanCampsite. This temporary campsite is an initiative of UrbanCampsite Amsterdam, which appears on a different spot around Amsterdam. Spending the night in a mobile installation of art is what makes this campsite out of the ordinary. This year the focus will be the mobility of these installations. On the UCA website you can check out these installations – reservations need to be made via AIRBNB.


The objects or installations differ in size and comfort. All of them are supplied with a comfortable bed, made on arrival. During your stay you can make use of all the sanitary facilities although you need to bring your own towels and toiletries. Although neither of the installations have electricity we make sure there is a romantic light available.


UrbanCampsite offers her guests not only a special stay for the night, but on site u can also find: a beautiful fireplace, hammock’s to chill, a small kitchen in which u can prepare your own dinner and of course a place to hang out in case of bad weather conditions.

Not feeling for a walk to a local baker? Every morning u can enjoy a lovely breakfast at the nearby restaurant “Blijburg”, for an additional €5,- we can bring this breakfast to your bed. Restaurant “Blijburg” also facilitates a lovely outside terrace, sauna and on every Sunday there is live music to enjoy.

If u are a guest of the UrbanCampsite of course u can enjoy the great city of Amsterdam, and of course al the exciting things this city has to offer. The city Centre is only a 20 minute journey by tram from the campsite. For detailed information about the city and its surroundings u can always ask Annette or Francis for extra information.

Had enough of the buzzing atmosphere of the city? UrbanCampsite is located in the middle of the “IJmeer” next to the popular city beach of Amsterdam called “Blijburg”. With a panoramic view on “Durgerdam”, “Muiden” and the “Diemervijfhoek”. For a total relaxing moment u can hang out on the beach behind the campsite.

If you are a sportsman there is also a surfing school, canoe club or sailing school close by, also there is a course of “Stand-up paddling” which u can take.

The Campsite is situated close to a supermarket on the “Pampuslaan”, at this market u can buy all the groceries u may need. The exciting and cozy restaurants at the harbor are only a 5 minute walk from the Campsite.

Interaction with guests:

At the UrbanCampsite Amsterdam there is always a person present to welcome new visitors, give tours, and provide them with the information they may need. Annette and Francis are being aided this year by a group of international volunteers.

Also on the Campsite there is always something u can do, artists are working on new pieces of art or give a workshop. Local residents may be working on their own furnace. All guests are of course welcome to participate in all the activities.

The neighborhood:

“IJburg” is a new city district of Amsterdam and is built on different artificial islands in the “IJmeer”. These islands are named: “Steigereiland”, “Haveneiland West en Oost” and “Rieteilanden”. Most recently building of the “Centrumeiland” has begun.

UrbanCampsite has its location on this newly obtained piece of ground of the “Centrumeiland”. Together with the new urban beach “Blijburg” the UrbanCampsite is the first resident of the island.


Only a 5 minute walk from the campsite there is tramline 26, this tram takes you in a 20 minute journey from the campsite to the Central Station of Amsterdam.


Upon arrival u can visit the reception desk of the UrbanCampsite, at this desk u will be welcomed by initiators Annette van Driel en Francis Nijenhuis. They will answer all your questions and request you may have. Of course they can tell u everything about the objects located at the site.

The check in is available at the reception from 3pm until 7pm, checking out has to be done before 11am.

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  • Bar
  • Barbecue
  • Campfire
  • Decent Sanitation
  • Dryer
  • Hot Tub
  • Ipod/Iphone Connector
  • Parking (Paid)
  • Swimming Lake
  • Volleyball Court


  • Beach
  • Bicycle Routes
  • Fortress
  • Kitesurfing
  • Surfing
  • Tennis Court

Cancellation policy

This accommodation uses their own cancellation policy, contact the host for more information.

1 The attic

The attic from my youth plays a key role in my artwork: a place where in the past curiosity and the passion for building things and experimenting could unfold ingenuously. The reconstruction of this room builds a bridge between unencumbered imagination and the loss thereof later in life. The attic window connects an intimate inner world and the discovery of the outer world.

The attic
€ 85

2 Kite cabin

The Kite Cabin is a two persons cabin with a transparent roof. You will have a splendid view at the stars from your bed. With the Kite Cabin comes a kite that is also used as a blinding for the window. Guests can fly the kite with good winds!

Kite cabin
€ 85

3 Universe 7

A highly comfortable dwelling with a view at the lake and beyond. You can turn the house with the sun!

Universe 7
€ 85

4 Solid Family

In continuation of UCA 2013, Boomhuttenfest wants to expand their Icosahedron figure. By connecting an additional room to the Icosa through a tunnel or corridor the object offers accommodation for up to four people.

Solid Family
€ 100

5 Goahti

Victor builds a Goahti on the campsite. A goahti is a Sami hut. Previously they were used by the Sami who traveled around in Norway.

€ 85

6 IBC shrinkwrap

REFUNC explores the flux of garbage and its recycling and utilization in architecture and design.

IBC shrinkwrap
€ 85

7 Trampotent

In my work I am not interested in new productions. I combine existing objects, pictures and functions to suggest a new object, picture or function. The new picture emerges through what has not been seen before, not by being created newly. This is part of my search for my own definitions of durability, of ‘new’.

€ 85

8 Uit hout gesneden

Cut from Wood' emphasizes the differences of two environments: the inner and the outer world. This contrast is accentuated by the strict silhouette and by the smoothly shaped space on the inside. The shape is created using varying lengths of wooden battens that soften the incoming sunlight in the interior. In this way waking up will be a warm and intimate experience.

Uit hout gesneden
€ 85

9 Superfire Camp

Embrace the warmth with The SUPERFIRE, a 2.0 fireplace that heats up your camp. Start a great fire and the warmth wil flow trough your very own rounded red lounge by an ingenious system. Not only your front heats up by the fire, but the entire seat slowly warms your body completely. And that's not all: keep the fire kicking and the hot-tub we have dug in for you gets warmer and nicer.

Superfire Camp
€ 85

10 Upside down you turn me

This survival capsule has landed on the endless sand plains of IJburg. Lying inside you can look left and right and also up and down through hemispherical windows. You can sit outside, sheltered from the rain below the object. Thus, there are two rooms: inside the capsule, for resting and sleeping, and beneath the capsule one can sit and dream oneself beyond the horizon.

Upside down you turn me
€ 85

11 BedBug

The object we want to create lives as a nomad: it adapts to its surroundings but is completely mobile. In the case of UrbanCampsite, there is not much to see in terms of natural environment: wind, water and sand. Natural elements, with which the objects coalesces and thereby amplifies itself.

€ 85